The Maneki Strøsuk Destroy-Heimat-Tour 2015

Dear Earthlings,

the upcoming tour is finally booked. Thx to everyone who helped us organizing the shows for these 8 days! We will not be able to tear down as many borders as we wanted to in the beginning, but will spread the word and motivate people within this shitty öster-reich to do so whenever possible.

We are looking forward to meeting many “old” friends at the shows but are also very eager to meet “new” people with whom we can share good times. Let us set some crucial signs against racism and (current) nationalist tendencies. There’s no “legitimate authority” than yourself – that is also why no-one can be illegal!

Stay as beautiful as you are and stand up strong against any form of oppression!



18. – 29. August – Emotional Mash-up Tour with Maneki Nekoč

DI/TUE 18.8. /KOTVA @ Treehouse Show, Graz/Gradec
Mi/Wed 19.8. /Jungbluth @ EKH, Vienna– confirmed
Do/Thu 20.8. Salzburg – confirmed
Fr/Fri 21.8. /I am Superape, Schwertberg – confirmed
Sa/Sat 22.8. @ Rostfest, Eisenerz – confirmed
So/Sun 23.8. Schladming – confirmed
Fr/Fri 28.8. Ljubljana – confirmed
Sa/Sat 29.8. @ Sub Sommer Fest, Gradec – confirmed
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The Maneki Strøsuk Summer Mash-Up 2015

The planning for our Summer Mash-Up Tour with  Maneki Nekoč has finally started. Here’s the official text and info in German and English, plus a first visual impression of how stupid and ugly the seven of us are:

(if you want to help us with setting up a show in August, plz get in touch:franzstrosuk [at] riseup [dot] net )


Wir, Franz Strøsuk und Maneki Nekoč, sind diesen August zusammen auf Tour. Mit diesem emotionalen mash-up, wollen wir eintönige Konzertabende, engstirnige Punk/Macho-Attitüde und Genre-Verklemmtheiten aufbrechen. Lauter und lausiger crust/sludge/punk trifft auf sentimentalen chanson/grrrl/riot. Wenn du/ihr es zulasst, dann wird es dich/euch mit Sicherheit berühren.

Die Tour läuft ganz im Sinne von Diy. Das heisst, zum einen organisieren wir alles selbst – zum anderen sind das auch (die einzigen) Ansprüche an die Shows auf denen wir spielen (wollen). Wir machen das nicht des Geldes willen, sondern wegen Abenteuer / Flucht aus der Realität / Spass / Emotionen / Menschen / uns / und für unsere eigenen Kämpfe. Mehr noch: es wäre uns eine große Freude, wenn wir durch unsere Konzerte auch Projekte/Kämpfe vor Ort unterstützen könnten.

Wir brauchen nicht viel. Etwas Geld für die Reisekosten (Sprit, Autobahn-Maut), veganes Essen, ein paar Getränke und Schlafplätze decken unsere Grundbedürfnisse unterwegs. Wenn dir/euch das auch zusagt, dann freuen wir uns darauf, alle weiteren Details zu besprechen.

Wir sind uns sehr wohl bewusst, dass es mittlerweile schon sehr kurzfristig ist mit der Planung bis August, aber vielleicht ist Zeit ja nur ein kleiner und nicht zu wichtiger Faktor für deine/eure Überlegung.

Bleibt wild und schön.

Auf bald,
Franz Strøsuk und Maneki Nekoč

Hier ein paar links zu den Bands:

Das (geplante aber nicht endgültige) Routing:

DI/TUE 18.8. /KOTVA @ Treehouse Show, Graz/Gradec
Mi/Wed 19.8. /Jungbluth @ EKH, Vienna– confirmed
Do/Thu 20.8. Linz – confirmed
Fr/Fri 21.8. Schwertberg– confirmed
Sa/Sat 22.8. @ Rostfest, Eisenerz – confirmed
So/Sun 23.8. Schladming – confirmed
Fr/Fri 28.8. Ljubljana – tbc.
Sa/Sat 29.8. @ Sub Sommer Fest, Gradec – confirmed


We, Franz Strøsuk and our friends in Maneki Nekoč, are going on an Emotional Mash-up Tour together this August! Forget about genres, uniform show nights and narrow minded punk/macho attitude. We mash it up for good this time – our lousy and loud crust/sludge/punk meets sentimental chanson grrrl riot! If you let it happen, you will be touched for sure.

The tour is all diy. This means on the one hand, that we organize everything ourselves; on the other side, this is also what we expect from the shows we are playing at. So we do not do all that for money but for the adventure / flight from reality/ fun / emotions / people / us / and our personal struggles. Also, as we live in very turbulent times these days, we would be very interested in supporting some local projects/struggles with/at the shows we are playing.

All we ask for is some money to cover travel cost (gas money, motorway fees), some vegan food and drinks, and a place to stay over night. If you think that you can support us in this way, we would be very pleased to talk about everything in more detail.

We know it is very much on short notice, but maybe time is just a small and not too relevant factor for your consideration.

Stay wild and beautiful.
All the best,
Franz Strøsuk + Maneki Nekoč

Here’s some links about the bands:

The routing (as planned but not carved into stone):

DI/TUE 18.8. /KOTVA @ Treehouse Show, Graz/Gradec
Mi/Wed 19.8. /Jungbluth @ EKH, Vienna– confirmed
Do/Thu 20.8. Linz – confirmed
Fr/Fri 21.8. Schwertberg– confirmed
Sa/Sat 22.8. @ Rostfest, Eisenerz – confirmed
So/Sun 23.8. Schladming – confirmed
Fr/Fri 28.8. Ljubljana – tbc.
Sa/Sat 29.8. @ Sub Sommer Fest, Gradec – confirmed
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Sweat, Blood and Tears!

Our quest across fortress Europe is over. We had the best of times. Thx to everyone who made this possible and to the lovely people that joined us for a certain period of time on the road (you know I am also talking about you, dear Heisl Hugo, House of Pain and Anorak!) Meeting and talking to you promoters, musicians, music lovers, reality deniers, utopia builders, revolutionists and random fuck-ups made our days! These two and a half weeks were an endeavour intended to flee reality for some time and to experience the ultimate alternatives that are possible, and sometimes have already been established  to some extend. A flight from the “real” struggle it was indeed, but who cares? It felt right!

In general, I don’t like random facts, the same as I don’t like encores (playing them or listening to them). But sometimes it is ok to provide or being provided with such. So here we go, two facts about Franz Strøsuk: we played the 50th concert at some point on tour since we’ve started to play live shows in May 2013. And it also was a year full since T joined us playing the bass. So much love! 😛

We sweat a lot (and with sweating a lot I mean sweating a lot for a change 😉 ), laughed and cried out of joy and anger and are so looking forward to repeat the shit again! We will be playing a few more shows this summer and autumn (check show section for more info) and hopefully will release the new album on vinyl sometime around October/November! We’ll keep you posted about this for sure!

Tour is over. Fuck nostalgia. Travel group misery over and out!



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Everything is awesome, sometimes.

After a very busy couple of weeks we are about to stumble towards some quite exciting events. We are on tour again from today on until July 31st. Some dates still need to be filled up, so if you can help us, plz get in contact. The entire list is attached below. Thx already to everyone who helped us so far. This fking society is all about promotion and product placement. We our selves are products and are sold constantly. So we decided to cut some pieces from our minds and give it away for one or two money. Those pieces are put together in our second album which has been released recently. You can listen to it and download the entire album here. We will bring tapes and CDs to the shows and if everything works out as planned, it will also be available on vinyl in September. Thx to usedsteel records and numavi for supporting us. Without you it wouldn’t be possible to participate in consumerism to such an extend. But, we are cheap and so will be the record! Try it, love/hate it, destroy it.


July 12th – July 31st
12.07. /Maneci Nekoc (AT), Spark The Hawk (HU) @ Vegan BBQ Summer Mash-Up, Kumberg (AT)
13.07. /Kotva (AT) + Maneki Nekoc (AT) @ Sukshøws Wuthe-Session #4 , Graz/Gradec (AT)
15.07. /Awake, Just Say No, Fuseism, xGROSS OUTx @ ShowBarlang, Budapest (HU)
16.07. /Mudpie (HU) @ FUGA Bar, Bratislava (SK)
17.07. /Vestiges (US) @ Venster99, Vienna (AT)
18.07. /Vestiges (US) @ Mukuku, Kremsmünster (AT)
19.07. @ Freitagskafe Fest, Kafe Marat, Munich (DE)
20.07. /Rue des cascades (CH), Nezapomen @ Café na Půl cesty, Prague (CZ)
21.07. NEED HELP – PLZ get in contact!
22.07. @ Lame Days Fest, Warsaw (PL)
23.07. /Discure @ reil78, Halle (DE)
25.07.  NEED HELP
26.07. @ Liwi, Leipzig (DE)
27.07. @ Autonomer Beautysalon, Zurich (CH)
28.07. /Abrassiv (CH), Rue Des Cascades (CH) @ Kulturfabrik, Wetzikon (CH)
29.07. /Abrassiv @ KTS, Freiburg (DE)
30.07. /Abrassiv @ Teestube, Singen (DE)
31.07. /Abrassiv @ Baragge, Solothurn (CH)
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We shat some eggs while touring across the Balkans the last couple of days. For those who are interested in headhunting, we hid them somewhere on the road – so get into the car, on your bikes or shine your shoes and off you go. And dance. Because we give a shit about these holidays right now. FUCK EASTER. Again, it shouldn’t be even necessary to talk about it, but it still is. As long as society celebrates and obeys such foolish fairy tales, there will be a shitstorm from somewhere (not too far away).

Thx to our beloved state and its holidays which were introduced to keep up our mood to contribute to superficial beauty and wealth, we had the chance to get away for a little while and play some more shows in very special places. Everyone we met took such good care of us, it is even hard to express how grateful we are. As I mentioned quite some times before: fuck nostalgia. BUT – it is all about the here and now and meeting people to have a good time with, and of such we had plenty! So many thx to all we met in Rijeka, Split, Belgrade, Novi Sad and Székesfehérvár. Also, we had a splendid time at Sub once more.

There’s some more dates already fixed for the next couple of months and we are going to release our second album this summer on vinyl! More on that soon!

01.05. – Beltinci (SLO), more info tba!
11.05. – /ZMP, MENTAL STRIKE, PIGS PARLAMENT (SL) @ Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor (SL)
15.05. – /Indoctrinate (AT), Modern Delusion (HR),  Chresus Jist (RS) @ SUb, Graz
28.06. – tbc
19.07. @ Freitagskafe Festival, Kafe Marat Munich (DE)
15.08. @ GO HARD or GO HOME festival (SLO)

One last word: Always be ready for change, and try to contribute to it if you can.





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claustrophobia no more ! S P R I N G – T O U R – 2 0 1 4

roofs are dismantled by winter’s absurdities: scar-faces and brown scum are protected by brainless little helpers. in the East, homophobia is re-established by the state and more hatred spread, while many in the West gaze over the rotting fences of solidarity and respect, silent and envious at the same time. “let’s have a great sports gathering and all problems will be solved – in love and cherish for our beloved state.” WTF? life still is a mess – the desolation of humanity!

being on tour will not solve shit, but at least it gives plenty chances to meet people from other places who themselves are very displeased with the current situation.

resistance doesn’t know any borders!

here are the dates for our forthcoming SPRING TOUR. we still need some help, so please get in contact if you can/want to support us:

12.04. – Rijeka (HR) – confirmed
13.04. – Split (HR) – confirmed
14.04. – /Hexis (DK) + Dirtdrinker (UK), Belgrade (SRB) – confirmed
15.04. – /Hexis (DK) @ Drustveni Centar, Novi Sad (SRB) – confirmed
16.04. – SZÉKESFEHÉRVÁR (HU) – confirmed
17.04. – need help in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia


We are also about to get started with our next album, which will be released in summer this year. Info on that will be posted soon, so stay tuned!

:S E R V E Y O U R C O U N T R Y  – R I O T.



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Ravne, Sarajevo, Zagreb. Those were the last three shows of our tour, and we didn’t regret to have travelled to those places for a moment. As it is most of the time, every show exceeded the previous (which doesn’t mean that any of it sucked!!). So thanks again to everyone who helped in making this adventure real! I am not going to mention you people in person here, but you know of whom I’m talking about!

One beloved friend has to be mentioned and celebrated, though: FLORI! We love you! It was you that actually made it possible to travel to all these places without any problem, it was you that provided shelter, entertainment and the gateway to mayhem! The people in Graz/Gradec will soon have the opportunity to support this outstanding vehicle and the people maintaining it – but more on that in due time!

Now, fuck nostalgia. Life goes on. We will soon hit the road again.


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red and black marks on the road!

First half of our winter tour is passé. It started of with a small but fine show at our rehearsal room together with YELLS, who will join us on the next shows with his live synthesizer performance. YEEHA. Micheldorf turned out to be a suitable stop before hitting the road through the wastelands of Bavaria towards the north-western regions of the Alps. We could almost call it a post-summer-tour, as the sun was a constant companion so far. In Singen our expectations were not only met, but exceeded: the best vegan pizza for a long time, an awesome show with Hidden Society and Hangover Generation, and many many awesome people to hang out with around the fire barrel until early in the morning. thx to all the people that were involved that very night. Teestube we will meet again for sure!

Tweety Party 2013. What’s to say about that? Billions of sweaty people. Thousands of noise-cracking bands and the biggest FS show so far. A perfect warm up for the second half of our tour, which will start tomorrow, January 3rd, in Ravne na Koroskem (SLO). On Saturday we will play AG Club in Sarajevo, and on Sunday Grey Room @ AKC Medica in Zagreb. So quite some kilometers to cover on (supposedly) fkd-up roads. But it will be worth it, for sure!

Here’s the links to the upcoming shows and some pictures of the tour so far:
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Silent nights my ass!

December is commencing in fast pace and we are buzzing busily around to get everything prepared for the upcoming shows in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. One slot – Dec 29th – is still open; any help to fill that gap is appreciated!

We are screen-printing more shirts next week so there will be a lot of hot and spicy merchandise available at our shows! We’ll also bring our album on tape and CD!Franz Strøsuk

Franz Strøsuk Winter Tour 2013/2014:
26.12.13 – @ Wuthe-session #2, Graz/Gradec (AT)
27.12.13 – /Orphan, Between the Lies, The Last Revolt @ Disturbance, Micheldorf (AT)
28.12.13 – /Hangover Generation (CH)  + Hidden Society (GER) @ Teestube Singen (DE)
29.12.13 – NEED HELP in Austria/Germany/Switzerland
30.12.13 – @ Tweetie Party 2013, Graz/Gradec (AT)
03.01.14 – @ KMKC KOMPLEKS, Ravne na Koroškem (SLO)
04.01.14 – @ AG Club, Sarajevo (BIH)
05.01.14 – @ grey room, Zagreb (HR)

We are looking forward to meeting you people at our shows! Until then stay wild and don’t let the folly holidays get you down – make some noise instead! Here’s some tune for that matter: thank-god-for-abortion !

Serve your country and riot! ..::Franz Strøsuk::..
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“Destroying the holidays…

… – this is what we are gonna do!” or so, whatever!

The most annoying time of the year is approaching and like every year, I already can’t stand the fucked-up oh-i-just-like-christmas-because-of-my-family attitude all around me. The entire country is covered with pretentious and artificial crap. To all believers: start thinking for yourselves right now: baby-jesus never existed, and if so, would give a fucking shit about what you do, so stop worrying about it. The only thing society wants is your money and precious time – the time you have spend to work in order to earn your “fair” share! WTF.

Anyway, we had two amazing shows together with Drip of Lies from Warsaw. It is days like these that show, that not everything is a mess yet. We are all trapped in our lives. Some more, some less. Freedom does not exist. It is simply small bits and pieces that we can take back.

We are looking forward to meeting more great people in December and January at our little tour across southern Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. We still need help with shows on the following dates:

29.12.2013 – AUSTRIA/GERMANY

Fell free to get in touch if you can/want to help!

Thx again to everyone who helped making the last two shows happen!


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