We found a Shelter in Vienna!

Roadtrip #2 this week had been quite a little longer than the first one. Gleisdorf did not fail to meet our expectations … none; but it was quite alright and we reached some point of epiphany:  people will not show up in masses for the first slot, especially when a punk band opens a metal-(only)-night in a little town next to nowhere. In Vienna, we missed the stampede of noise-eager human-beings as well. The show was good, though, and we’ve got some pictures: check this link, if you are interested!

Next stop will be right in front of our doors! The foundations of the city of prohibition will shatter and we will hit the nail on its head! FUCK OFF MR. MAYOR!

save the date: 12.07.2013 Franz Strøsuk + Punkreas @ SUb, Graz/Gradec

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Crust/Punk/D-beat/Death-whatever… from Graz/Gradec and Vienna/Bécs
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