July had been an intensive month. A lot of mind-blowing things happened, and more are to come in August and September. We finally got a first mix of our album. Thx a thousand times Mr. C ! It won’t be long until we will share some extracts of it. The show on Monday uplifted our spirits once and for all, and so we are more than happy to spend the coming weekend playing live again – at first in Güssing on Saturday, then a Sunday show in Graz (>>check the dates plus links below for more info) – it’s gonna be a sexycrazy-lifestyleofinsanity weekend. If you need tickets for Sunday, plz send us a message!

Next shows:
03.08. @ W.O.L.D. Fest – Zauberhaus, Güssing (AT)
04.08. /ADOLESCENTS (US) + Pervy Pissheads (AT) @ Explosiv, Graz/Gradec


About f. Strøsuk

Crust/Punk/D-beat/Death-whatever… from Graz/Gradec and Vienna/Bécs
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