Tea and biscuits for everyone!

It was a rough weekend, with ups and downs – but everything turned out to be alright in the end. The show in Güssing was plagued by wasps and the common annoying  oppressive interference of the governmental puppets. A proposal how to be a real role-model for the next generation: Quit your jobs and start thinking for yourselves.  Anyhow, we met great people in the woods and made some new friends. Thanks again t C. for helping out on such a short notice. Without you we would have missed the “punks @ techno-party mayhem”… crazy shit, believe me. Sundays in Graz are boring, at least when you are playing a show at Explosive. The Adolescents did their job, so did we – nothing more to say about that. Our next show’s gonna be a Sunday afternoon in Wr. Neustadt with BHF and Brackets Closed. Bring some tea and biscuits and enjoy some punk rock music!

Upcoming dates:

18.08. /BHF (AT) + Brackets Closed (AT) @ Fuxbau, Wr. Neustadt
31.08. /Between the Lies (AT) + Lecker Pissen (AT) @ Club wakUum, Graz/Gradec




@ Zauberhaus Güssing

@ Zauberhaus Güssing




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