FRANZ STRØSUK LP (2013) – now available on Bandcamp!


It took some time, but finally we proudly announce the online release of our first full-length studio album! FRANZ STRØSUK contains 10 songs, of which most are known from our live shows. There’d been many crucial developments during the last couple of weeks. Since our recording sessions in July, we’ve played most of our past shows, had a change in our line-up and spent many hours producing merch, covers … . At the moment we are planning two more (mini)-tours for Oktober/November and December. THANX again to everyone involved in that great process. Without you people, it wouldn’t have been as much fun and success! Fuck nostalgia, but sometimes such words of gratitude are needed, and let me assure you, it’s the bloody truth! THANK YOU: Tom, Chris, Conny, Lea, Marian, our families, Wolfi, Thomas from Output Mastering, the guys from Dead End Friends, the people from SUb, Mike, Raph, Spela and Ivan and everyone else who helped us in some way recording, mastering and releasing the album, and of course all those involved in setting up and organizing shows. DIY sometimes appears to be nothing more than a word (or three words) but it is still alive and prospering!

So far you can listen to (and download for a very reasonable price) the LP on Bandcamp. There will be an one-file-audio-video on ytbe soon as well. CDs and tapes with the entire album will be available later this year, latest at our next shows, which will be announced as soon as possible. Thers’s still a lot of shirts and bags left from our last screen-printing session. Just write us a line or two if you are interested in either and we can put some pieces aside (



About f. Strøsuk

Crust/Punk/D-beat/Death-whatever… from Graz/Gradec and Vienna/Bécs
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