claustrophobia no more ! S P R I N G – T O U R – 2 0 1 4

roofs are dismantled by winter’s absurdities: scar-faces and brown scum are protected by brainless little helpers. in the East, homophobia is re-established by the state and more hatred spread, while many in the West gaze over the rotting fences of solidarity and respect, silent and envious at the same time. “let’s have a great sports gathering and all problems will be solved – in love and cherish for our beloved state.” WTF? life still is a mess – the desolation of humanity!

being on tour will not solve shit, but at least it gives plenty chances to meet people from other places who themselves are very displeased with the current situation.

resistance doesn’t know any borders!

here are the dates for our forthcoming SPRING TOUR. we still need some help, so please get in contact if you can/want to support us:

12.04. – Rijeka (HR) – confirmed
13.04. – Split (HR) – confirmed
14.04. – /Hexis (DK) + Dirtdrinker (UK), Belgrade (SRB) – confirmed
15.04. – /Hexis (DK) @ Drustveni Centar, Novi Sad (SRB) – confirmed
16.04. – SZÉKESFEHÉRVÁR (HU) – confirmed
17.04. – need help in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia


We are also about to get started with our next album, which will be released in summer this year. Info on that will be posted soon, so stay tuned!

:S E R V E Y O U R C O U N T R Y  – R I O T.



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Crust/Punk/D-beat/Death-whatever… from Graz/Gradec and Vienna/Bécs
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