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After a very busy couple of weeks we are about to stumble towards some quite exciting events. We are on tour again from today on until July 31st. Some dates still need to be filled up, so if you can help us, plz get in contact. The entire list is attached below. Thx already to everyone who helped us so far. This fking society is all about promotion and product placement. We our selves are products and are sold constantly. So we decided to cut some pieces from our minds and give it away for one or two money. Those pieces are put together in our second album which has been released recently. You can listen to it and download the entire album here. We will bring tapes and CDs to the shows and if everything works out as planned, it will also be available on vinyl in September. Thx to usedsteel records and numavi for supporting us. Without you it wouldn’t be possible to participate in consumerism to such an extend. But, we are cheap and so will be the record! Try it, love/hate it, destroy it.


July 12th – July 31st
12.07. /Maneci Nekoc (AT), Spark The Hawk (HU) @ Vegan BBQ Summer Mash-Up, Kumberg (AT)
13.07. /Kotva (AT) + Maneki Nekoc (AT) @ Sukshøws Wuthe-Session #4 , Graz/Gradec (AT)
15.07. /Awake, Just Say No, Fuseism, xGROSS OUTx @ ShowBarlang, Budapest (HU)
16.07. /Mudpie (HU) @ FUGA Bar, Bratislava (SK)
17.07. /Vestiges (US) @ Venster99, Vienna (AT)
18.07. /Vestiges (US) @ Mukuku, Kremsmünster (AT)
19.07. @ Freitagskafe Fest, Kafe Marat, Munich (DE)
20.07. /Rue des cascades (CH), Nezapomen @ Café na Půl cesty, Prague (CZ)
21.07. NEED HELP – PLZ get in contact!
22.07. @ Lame Days Fest, Warsaw (PL)
23.07. /Discure @ reil78, Halle (DE)
25.07.  NEED HELP
26.07. @ Liwi, Leipzig (DE)
27.07. @ Autonomer Beautysalon, Zurich (CH)
28.07. /Abrassiv (CH), Rue Des Cascades (CH) @ Kulturfabrik, Wetzikon (CH)
29.07. /Abrassiv @ KTS, Freiburg (DE)
30.07. /Abrassiv @ Teestube, Singen (DE)
31.07. /Abrassiv @ Baragge, Solothurn (CH)

About f. Strøsuk

Crust/Punk/D-beat/Death-whatever… from Graz/Gradec and Vienna/Bécs
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