SUKSHØWS is not a label!

we also did some shows using the label/name SUKSHØWS. that’s not going to happen any more.

forget labeling – create your own identity!


past shows:
23.10.2015 co-operation with NUMAVI recs: Asian Rivers, Kenny Kenny Oh Oh, Levitations @ SUb Gradec
13.10.2015 Boycott the BaptistRash Decision + tbc @ SUb Gradec
21.09.2015  Nudist, Them Frequencies, My Defense, TSH @ SUb
22.05. 2015 Six-Score, Kotva, Head & Shoulders @ SUb Gradec
22.04.2015  Clocked Out, Indoctrinate @ SUb, Gradec
13.12.2014 Atta, Svs, Bell’sche Parese @  SUb Graz/Gradec
01.11.2014 Mudpie, Fake Shakes,  Maneki Nekoc, Carnist @ SUb
03.09.2014  Eaglehaslanded, Expectations, The Sky We Scrape, Blizzcreeps @ SUb
15.05.2014 Indoctrinate, Franz Strøsuk, Modern Delusion, Chresus Jist @ SUb
03.05.2014 Crowskin, P.R.S.O! , Iron Heel, Dick Cheney @ SUb, Graz